Download PuTTY from here:

Download WinSCP from here:

Instructions to use WinSCP to login to servers where you can write programs.  Before you can do this, download the file called “yuto_key.ppk” from your gmail.

Click [New Site] then choose “SCP”, host name: and type “yuto” for User name.


Click the button that says [Advanced].  Click the “Allow agent forwarding” and then the […] box.  Find the file called yuto_key.ppk on your computer.

Click [OK]

Click [OK] .  You should see the site   You can also create another “New Site” called but you don’t need to use that one yet.

If you double-click the site [] or press [Login], it should start to connect.. then look like this..    /home/yuto will show on the right-side.

The left-side are the files on your PC.   The right-side are files on the server.  You can move files by drag-drop if you need to copy a file from the PC to the server.


Next, click the icon that  looks like 2 computers this starts the PuTTY terminal.

Now you are connected to a server for website.  You can type commands here and run programs.

Try some commands:

perl -v

“exit” will log off the server.







WinSCP login