Goal:  Migrate tech emails from @datostech.com to @datos.asia on Google and use Google OATH authentication for single-signon and Google-Docs.


  1. single email system managed by google.
  2. google apps and docs can be shared with techs


  1. $6 monthly per user ~$60/month
  2. Rewrite of existing apps such as ;
    1. call-log
    2. email reader and forwarder



Goal:  Migrate datostech.com hosting from GoDaddy VPC to Amazon LightSail host running datos.asia website.


  1. Validates backup/restore process
  2. Minimal code changes.  Code will be made more portable for use on both sites.


  1. Re-coding and develop of a migration process
  2. Risk/time of maintaining iRedmail


Migrate Emails

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